180 Things to Know About Japanese Food

Delve into the fascinating world of Japanese cuisine with this detailed and informative glossary book. Filled with terms, definitions and explanations of everything related to Japanese food, this book is an essential addition to any food lover's library. From the ingredients used in traditional Japanese dishes to the unique techniques and cooking methods employed, this book covers it all.

Learn about the different types of sushi, sashimi and ramen, and the regional variations that make them so unique. Discover the origins and cultural significance of popular Japanese dishes such as tempura and teriyaki, and the etiquette and customs surrounding their consumption. Explore the world of Japanese tea and its different varieties, and uncover the secrets behind the art of Japanese cooking.

Whether you are a seasoned foodie or a curious beginner, this book is the perfect companion for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of Japanese cuisine. With its comprehensive approach and easy to understand language, this book offers a wealth of information on all things Japanese food.