200 Things to Know About Absurdism

This comprehensive glossary will take you on a journey through the world of absurdism, a philosophical and artistic movement that embraces the irrational and nonsensical nature of existence. The book features concise definitions of terms such as "existential angst," "absurd hero," and "theater of the absurd," providing readers with a thorough understanding of key concepts within the movement.

From the French literary tradition of the early 20th century to contemporary cultural expressions, this glossary covers a broad range of absurdism manifestations. Explore the humor, the paradoxes, and the controversies behind one of the most intriguing philosophical and artistic movements in history, and discover the reasons why so many creators have been attracted to this worldview throughout the years.

Whether you are a student of philosophy or a curious reader, "Things to Know About Absurdism" is an essential tool that will enrich your understanding and appreciation of one of the most fascinating cultural phenomena of our times.