250 Things to Know About Psychology

This comprehensive glossary of terms related to psychology is a must-have reference for anyone interested in the inner workings of the human mind. Whether you're a student of psychology or just a curious individual, this book contains all the important terms and concepts you need to know to understand the field of psychology better. The entries are concise and easy to understand, ensuring that even complex ideas are presented in a clear and accessible way.

From classic theories like Freud's psychoanalysis to contemporary approaches like cognitive-behavioral therapy, this book covers it all. You'll find detailed explanations of terms such as memory consolidation, operant conditioning, and social facilitation, as well as less familiar concepts like dyspraxia, metacognition, and polyphasic sleep. Each entry is accompanied by a detailed definition that provides a clear understanding of the concept, making it easy for readers to quickly locate and understand what they're looking for.