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220 Things to Know About Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

This comprehensive glossary is a must-have for anyone looking to understand advanced driver assistance systems.

320 Things to Know About Aesthetics

This book serves as a comprehensive glossary that contains definitions and terms related to aesthetics.

180 Things to Know About Agile Development Methodologies

Learn the ins and outs of Agile development methodologies with this comprehensive glossary-style resource.

280 Things to Know About Agile Development Processes

If you are involved in software development, you may have heard of agile methodologies.

340 Things to Know About Agnosticism

In today's world, people are constantly questioning their beliefs, whether they're religious or not.

270 Things to Know About Algorithmic Trading

Gain a thorough understanding of the world of algorithmic trading with this insightful and informative glossary-type book.

330 Things to Know About Algorithmic Trading

"Get familiarized with the terminologies of algorithmic trading through this comprehensive resource.

250 Things to Know About Algorithms

"Things to Know About Algorithms" is a comprehensive reference book that covers the most commonly used terms and definitions in the world of algorithms.

310 Things to Know About Altcoins

Looking to expand your knowledge on the world of alternative cryptocurrencies or altcoins?

230 Things to Know About Alternative Investments

If you have been thinking about diversifying your investment portfolio, then consider alternative investments.